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 RR News:
Here's the news RR fans! On behalf of the Myself(Troy, of course), John, Tony, Tim and Jeremy we would like to wish Ed and Vince lots of luck in whatever paths they may encounter for the have decided to take a break from the music scene. We've been together for 3 years as RR and we've had some great memories built in a relatively short amount of time. Ed and Vince will always be our music "brothers". Take care guys, we love ya! As one chapter in the life of Ridge Runner ends, a new chapter has begun! We must keep "rollin' that country rock!" Ridge Runner remains alive as we were fortunate to find to great musicians to replace Ed and Vince! Jeff Workman and Joe Zoller have taken those spots and will definitely fill in admirably! Jeff and Joe both come from a band called The Hollow that was really big in these parts back in the late nineties/early 2000's! These guys are top notch and are currently working their butt's off with the rest of us to "tighten the screws" on the new RR sound! Be sure to Say goodbye to Ed and Vince as well as welcome Jeff and Joe on our Mailbag page!
Ridge Runner has been forced to cancel all December bookings for personal reasons. Over the next couple of months, Ridge Runner's core will be breaking in new personnel. Ridge Runner vows to come back stronger than ever and asks you to hang in there with us.
Just played a great gig down at the Thirsty turtle in Aurora and golly gee willikers we had fun!! Saw a lotta familiar faces in the crowd(let's see.. Angel, Jamie, Amy, Tabitha, Amy H, Ginger, Julie, Lisa W, Ron M, Pat F, Renee, Amy F, Linda d, Sandi B, Amy & Dave, Kelli, Brenda, Kim C, Bryan I, Brad I, The Zimmer girls, Jason, and on and on and on...) Hope to see all of you down at Tradewinds after Thanksgiving to work off some of the calories we'll probably gain!! The dance floor at tradewinds will take care of that!! hope to see you all there!!!
Just played the Minges Pumpkin Festival and had a howling good time(no pun inteneded..). We'd like to thank Dan Waters and Bob Meyer for helping us bag this gig!! Make sure to line up at the doors of the Thirsty turtle, Deuces Wild, and Tradewinds if you liked what you saw at Minges so you can catch a full weekend of RR!!
Just played the Swiss Wine Festival in Vevay, IN and had a whale of a time opening for Andy Griggs and Catherine Britt thanks to Jerry Gilpin and B105! Andy Griggs and his band were just awesome as expected and Catherine Britt was not just awesome...she was hot(and her fiddle player, too!!) It was a real treat being on the main stage with these acts!!
RR was blasting our songs down on the streets of Lawrenceburg on Thursday night at the Music on The River and had a great turnout and believe it or not, it didn't rain!!! We saw a lotta loyal RRfans and some new ones as well!! Thanks to Bob Hallas and crew for his help! We'd also like to thank the Lawrenceburg Main Street Association once again for having us back and hope to be back next year!!
After blasting the house at Deuce's Wild in Mason on Friday night, RR took the stage at Biggin's Bash and...WOW...What a Party!!! RR had a lotta fans show up for the festivities and had a great time playing next to fellow musicians, The Renegades, once again!! Biggin never fails to put on a great time!! Hope everyone who didn't stay the night made it home all right!!
The second annual Biggin's Bash is coming up on August 14th and Ridge Runner is raring and ready!! Please, leave the kiddies at home for this event because they may see things that they are not ready for!! Ridge Runner would like to thank The Renegades for asking us to be a part of the Bash once again!! Check out www.therenegades.50megs.com for an event map!! And bring your tents and sleeping bags because you won't wanna go home!!
Ridge Runner walked away empty handed at the Colgate Country Showdown but had a blast in doing so!! RR met a lotta great people and would like to thank B105 for letting RR be part of the Showdown!! Ridge Runner would also like to wish Double Barrel good luck as they move on in the Showdown!! Double Barrel is a great group of guys and were partying it up with RR backstage!! But of course, most of all, RR would like to thank you, the Fans, for coming down to support them!! RRfans were everywhere(Angel, Jamie, Ginger, Lisa and Brian, the Gindlings, Ron M., Kelly and Steph, Kelli S., Rick and Lori, Mike Schu and wife, Dave and Amy, Julie, Amy H., Burnie and Nancy, Dorita, , etc...) Ridge Runner easily had more fan support than any other act!! Our hats go off to you fans!!
Ridge Runner will be competing in the Colgate Country Showdown on Saturday, May 29th at the Taste of Cincinnati!! Ridge Runner lost by a hair last year and hopes to take home the prize this time around!! The competition starts at noon on the B105 Country Music Stage!! RR needs mega-support for this event so please come on down!!
On another note, RR will be opening for national recording artist The Jenkins followed by Andy Griggs!! The Jenkins were just added recently, this 2 sister and mother trio sings the song "Blame it on Momma" on the radio now!! Ridge Runner will be opening up for national recording artists Blue County at the Versailles Pumpkin Show on September 24th!! You know, the guys that sing "Good Little Girls"!(Thanks Jerry G.!) In another show, the Swiss Valley Wine Fest, Ridge Runner will open the stage for national recording artist Andy Griggs!! This guy put out such hits as "You Won't Ever Be Lonely" and "Tonight I Want To Be Your Man"!! This event will be held on August 27th!!(Thanx again Jerry G.)! After RR opens for Andy Griggs, RR will be moving over to the beer gardens for a concert of our own!
Just blew the doors off Deuce's Wild and Who Cares both in the same weekend!! Now, think about it, Ridge Runner, after a long hard day of work on Friday, drove all the way home, shat, showered, and shaved, drove all the way out to Mason at 7pm for the Deuce's show, jammed and jumped around from 10 to 2, tore down the equipment, got home somewhere around 4, got up the next day, did yard work or sumpin, drove to Brookville around 7pm, set up equipment, jammed from 11 to 3, Ohio time of course, tore down the equipment and drove home arriving somewhere around 5-ish! This is just a normal Ridge Runner weekend and small consolation to see the smiles on our great fans faces!! Seeyall at Tradewinds this weekend!! Ridge Runner just finished up a three nighter at Deuces and Turner Gills!! Man are we beat!! We will take one week off to recoup a little bit and then blast the doors off Deuces and Who Cares the following weekend!! Call RR a glutton for punishment!!
Ridge Runner was forced to make a last minute cancellation of the March 6th Who Cares booking with no time to contact our fans about it. If this inconvenienced anyone, Ridge Runner would like to apologize. Some cards are just dealt by very big hands. A very big thanks goes out to the Who Cares owners and staff(Tom, Julie, Jennifer B., Jennifer S, etc..)for dealing with this with the utmost professionalism. Thanks.


The gossip has become reality(check out the "news" side of this page)! Ed and Vince have moved on and Jeff and Joe have moved in! John, Troy, Tony, Tim, and Jeremy have kept the train rollin'! I promise to have new pics coming soon of Jeff and Joe and group shots as well! Be patient, these things take a little time! In the music business, changes happen from time to time and bands have to adapt to these situations. It's the nature of the biz so it's either let a good thing die or adapt and conquer! We've chosen the latter! Everyone please, give Vince and Ed a fond farewell and make Jeff and Joe feel at home in RRLand via the Mailbag page!!

Ridge Runner will be making major changes to personnel very soon so stay tuned!

A little birdie told me that Ridge Runners' website is going to get a makeover!! Could it be true!! Stay tuned and keep your eyes open as the changes may come verrry soon!!

Once again Ridge Runner has vowed to continue work on an elusive upcoming cd!! A little bit of prodding and prompting from some loyal rrfans may help speed the process along(and maybe a case of Miller Lite, if you don't mind)! RR has also got a couple of new clubs in their eyes as places to jam!!

Ridge Runner was seen on Friday night at Deuce's mingling with some of the Cincinnati Reds!! Adam Dunn, Danny Graves, Paul Wilson, and Gabe White were on hand and actually complimented RR on the music!! RR of course was in awe just to talk to these guys for an extended time and let me tell you that they were all just great guys!! Adam Dunn is a big country fan!! Also, on Saturday night, rumor has it that Biggin is already planning Biggin's Bash #3!! I'm gonna go on down and put my tent up now!!

Check out the B105 website for a listing of Ridge Runner at The Swiss Valley Wine Festival on August 27th! Or go straight to www.swisswinefestival.com to check out the festivals own site promotion and entertainment lineup!!

color=#ffff00>Ridge Runner will be taking a few weekends off in June and early July but will be back on July 9th with a few new songs, a new song list, and a rejuvenated hunger!! In the mean time, goto the Mailbag page and let RR know what song you would like us to learn!! And no, we don't do Air Supply!!! Stay tuned...

Ridge Runner has just agreed to be part of the Minges Pumpkin Festival in October!! RR will play for about an hour or so at this free event so make sure you bring the kids on down to check out Ridge Runner in action!! More details to come in upcoming months!!

Ridge Runner would like to thank Dallas Moore for buying Ridge Runner some sort of killer drink at Deuces Wild this past Friday night!! Little did he know that someof us were already 2 sheets to the wind!! But, like troopers, Ridge Runner raised 'em up and knocked 'em down!! Tony was heard later talking to a cop saying "I'm not as think as you drunk I am, occifer! Huh? My license..hic-up..isn't it back there on my bumper?"

News Flash!! Ridge Runner has re-teamed with The Renegades and Dallas Moore Band for the second annual Biggin's Bash at Happy Valley!! If you don't believe me, check out our Gig List Page!! This party will be held on August 14th!!! A few of the Ridge Runner posse...all right Troy, John, and Jeremy if you must know!!..were spotted at Time Out Sports Bar in Batesville checking out old buddies The Renegades at a recent show!! Man, these guys rocked the house!! I would recommend going to see these guys when not at a Ridge Runner gig!! Rock on Renegades!!

Rumor has it that Ridge Runner was spotted in downtown Rising Sun doing an acoustic act on Tuesday nite! The rumor is true! John, Troy, Vince, and Tony performed at the VFW Legion Hall in Rising Sun for returning hero/soldier Roger Sebree, Jr.(the Brown boys' cousin) who had just returned from duty in Iraq! RR performed for about 2 and a half hours to welcome him home safely! See, even Ridge Runner has hearts!

Ridge Runner has once again started work on an upcoming CD so be sure to get yours when they become available! Oh yeah, our constant jumping around on stage cause a boo-boo at Wooden Horse this weekend! Myself, John , and Vince started jumping so much that it tipped over John's beer, that was sitting on his speaker, and spilled down inside of his power amp and blew a tube!! We finished the night with some Eddy Smith technology, because Ridge Runner always finishes the night!


Come to all of our shows so you can witness the news and gossip first hand!!