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Ridge Runner

Ridge Runner, from left:  Jeff, Tony, Troy, Joe, and John


Ridge Runner is:

Jeff Workman-Lead Vocals & rhythm guitar-formerly of The Hollow and Raymar Jones, this wildman on stage brings his own style to the table and mixes it with the Ridge Runner "attitude" and the magic is born!!

Troy Brown-Bass guitar, vocals-formerly of Misty Creek and Quest, string thumping and facial expressions are his trademarks along with shreekingly high vocals!

John Brown-Lead & rhythm guitars-formerly of Misty Creek, Quest , and Tempting Butchie, he is definitely Eddie Van Halen in a cowboy hat!  If his fingers are on fire, don't put them out!

Tony Brown-Keyboards, vocals-formerly of Blackwood Ridge, Misty Creek, and Quest, how can someone tickle the ivorys so well at his size?!  Solid as a rock on vocals and keys!

Joe Zoller-Drums-formerly of The Hollow, those aren't helicopters your seeing!  It's Joe's sticks twirling as he supplies the thump in your chest when you enter the door at a Ridge Runner concert!!

and let's not forget about the crew behind the scenes:

Tim Clark-Soundman & lighting; merchandising &

Jeremy Brown-Lightman & merchandising, computers, photography, DJ-ing

Kevin Havlin & Dave Lattire- Additional Soundmen


A special thanks goes out to our RRfans, for without you, we are nothing!